Sprint 50

50 900 SEK
Vespa Sprint 50 offers dynamic mobility without sacrificing the best engine technology with the Vespa 50 cc four-stroke engine that adopts the innovative i-get engine

Vespa Sprint 50 cc four-stroke adopts the innovative i-get engine equipped with an integrated barometric sensor that constantly monitors the carburetion adapting it to the driving conditions, electronic injection and 3-valve timing (2 intake and 1 exhaust) calibrated to favor the performance and the containment of consumption, and improvement of delivery and start-up in all temperature conditions are the icing on the cake

Heir to that generation of sporty Vespas that invaded the European roads in the roaring Sixties with a small body that was snappy, agile and modern like the mentality of young people driving them, Vespa Sprint renews this vocation by combining freshness of style and sporty nature with technological equipment. avant-garde.

Vespa Sprint boasts a small and light body, comfortable and protective, made entirely of steel, and is characterized by a very young line, marked by a gritty rectangular headlight and stands out for its large 12 “wheels, with spectacular black alloy rims aluminum with diamond finish, black saddle and dedicated color range.